Our Queens live under our roof with us as family pets, once they are almost ready to have kittens they are transferred into an individual birthing suite in our kitten room which is a purpose build 10m x 10m room in our home. It is here they have a safe, secure, private place to deliver their kittens and raise them without the stress of interferring nosey cats wanting to help out! Every birth is monitored and supervised so any assitance can quickly be given should the need arise.

Our kittens are handled and cuddled from the very first day they are born. They remain 24/7 with their mums until approx 4-5 weeks when weaning usually starts and it is at this time they spends a few hours a day seperated from amum to explore and assist in the weaning process. It also gives mum a well deserved break to enjoy being pampered by us without having furbaby duties to attend to.

Because our kittens are raised in our house with us they are used to all the normal hustle and bustle of family life and all the strange noises associated with that including vacuums, mopping and even a dog - although Hugo doesnt know he is a dog! We are known for the temperament of our cats and have always made this a huge priority in our breeding programs. We beleive if the Queen herself does not have a fantastic personality then no matter how true to type she is we will not breed with her.

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