We see our furkid buyers as invited guests, we are the hosts.

It’s our job to make every aspect of purchasing their newest family member a memorable experience, we do however ask for your understanding as our time is best raising your happy, healthy, well adjusted kitten or puppies rather than taking endless photos for you, which you have a lifetime to do when your furbaby arrives.

We will take photo updates when we can, we will not scrifice animal husbandary duties for taking pics. Unlike some other breeders who dont have a job and breed animals with undeclared income, we are not.

First, let us start by saying, when deciding on where to buy your next furkid from...don't listen to the opinions of others, do your own research and get to know the people you are considering purchasing from. Go with the breeder you are most comfortable with and beware of any breeder who has nothing better to do than spread rumors about others. Do they have your best interest at heart or are they trying to divert your attention away from their own lack of ethical breeding protocols just to try and sell you a kitten or puppy?

At Siratsa all visits are by appointment only as we are a registered Biosecure Entity. Other animals are strictly forbidden from our premises for both health reasons and security. A condition of visiting us is you will be asked to remove your shoes and disinfect your hands to to the elbows before handling any animals and depending on the age of the animals it may not be possible for you to handle them at all. All Bio secure protocols will be adhered to and this is not negotiable.

For the safety of our animals, other critters of nature and of course your investment, our kittens and puppies are available to INDOOR HOMES ONLY, they can have access to an enclosed outdoor area or be restrained under supervision outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine which is most important. Cats & Dogs have no road sense which means they can very easily be hurt or killed.  As a purbred pet they also fall victim to theives when left to roam outside. As well, when allowed to roam they are at high risk of disease.

As responsible breeders, all Siratsa Cats will leave desexed NO EXCEPTIONS! (*Register breeders purchasing future breeders will be the only exception).

Siratsa puppies leaving desexed or with a desexing agreement will be at our descretion based on each litter and individual pup.

(*Register breeders purchasing future breeders will be the only exception).

Kittens are ready to leave for new homes around 13 - 15 weeks at our descretion, when all developmental milestones have been reached and have recovered from desexing. Puppies 8 - 10 weeks of age.

As a pet buyer, once you have placed a $220 (incl.GST) deposit for Kittens or a $1100 (incl.GST) deposit for Puppies, International buyers A$1000 which comes directly off the purchase price of your new furbaby. (Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances so please don't ask, if you pay a deposit you are agreeing to this sale condition ) Feel free to ask for a verbal update with his/her development.

Siratsa kittens and puppies are:

• Happy, well socialised and family raised 

• Vet checked

• Age appropriately Wormed

• Kittens are Fully Vaccinated twice with F3, F4 or F5 vaccines  

• Puppies are once vaccinated with C4 or C5 (after 10 weeks will be vaccinated twice)

• Microchipped

• Desexed (cats) sometimes puppies depending on age.

• Cats: Litter trained

• Flea treated

...and come with:

• Siratsa Care & Information package

• Registered Pedigree papers

• Lifetime support and advice


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