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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity, we give it freely.

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity, we give it freely.

Thank you to all our amazing Siratsa Family members.

Buying a new family pet is a very special time in everyone's life. Choosing the correct kitten or puppy for you or your family is a decision we are very honoured to be a part of, and one we take very seriously. We offer what we beleive to be a service second to none and are proud to receive so much positive feedback from our buyers. You can see 100s of testimonials on all our social media, including Facebook & Instagram.

From the very first time we talk to you we endeavour to make your experience with us a happy and memorable one. We provide continual support and advice long after you have taken your kitten home, if you require it. At anytime we are never more than an email, PM, SMS or phone call away.

This type of joy is why we go above and beyond for you...

"We loved the whole experience of getting our kitten Bluebell from Siratsa so much...we came back and got Maeve too! Best two cats in the world, thank you so much guys for your caring and professional service!" ~ GILLIAN FARRY 


"To Whom it May Concern, My name is Kym Jackson and I have purchased three Scottish Fold or Shorthair kittens from Matt and Jayce Haskins in 2021 and 2022.  My cats are Siratsa Arlo, Siratsa Onyx and Siratsa Yogi.

Prior to purchasing these kittens I did not know Matt or Jayce Haskins.

I contacted them to purchase my first kitten after much research into their ethics and values regarding their breeding program.

I have always found Matt and Jayce to be honest and reliable.  Matt and Jayce offer after sales support and advice if ever I need it regarding my cats. The kittens I purchased were healthy and well adjusted kittens which have grown into healthy friendly cats.  I have recommended Siratsa Cats to others who have considered buying a kitten."

Kind regards, KYM JACKSON


"To Whoever It May Concern, My name is Bronny Carthew and I have known Jayce and Matthew Haskins since October 2021 when I arranged to put my name on their “Waiting List” for a SIRATSA cat. My experience with dealing with them has been outstanding and have made me very welcome into the SIRATSA FAMILY. My “Furbaby” which I purchased from them

Is now 7 months old.  He is thriving cat and his nature is loving and playful.

My cat a few months ago had which looked like “Sores” on his lips and I sent photo of his condition to Jayce and Matt as to get their opinion of what to do.  They emailed me straight back and told me it looked like “cat Acne” and they told me to get stainless steel  bowls for his food instead of the plastic ones which I was using…They also sent me photos of the bowls to buy and told me where to go to get them.  They said by changing to stainless steel the “acne” would clear up which it did.

I have found with Jayce and Matt your phone  call or message to them is never a bother and they are always so willing to help. 

Jayce and Matt go beyond to try to save their kittens and I remember on one instance there was a kitten born with a few different colours I could not see it’s face in the litter so I rang  couple of weeks later to see it I could see what it looked like. Sadly they said the kitten had died because of complications from the difficult birth that it had endured and they also told me they spent over $1000 to try to save its life.

Jayce and Matt are truely dedicated to the Health and Welfare of their kittens and any animal

that they come in contact with.  Their dedication and loving nature towards animals shows in every way and I am so fortunate that I can call them friends without a second thought.  I stand “Proud” to know them." Yours faithfully." BRONNY CARTHEW 


"My name is Carole Jenkins I have had the pleasure of getting 3 Scottish. Kittens over the last 3-4 years each transaction has been with the utmost professionalism from the first request to the organisation of safe delivery 

The paperwork is next level professional with all legal health requirements 

All kittens have wonderful personalities and shows the. Love and care of their breeders 

After service is also wonderful and the continuous love to see how these kittens are growing is really nice to let Siracha cats breeders share our pics of how expert breeders they are 

10million stars for the best experience I’ve had and continue to." CAROLE JENKINS


"Im Melanie Sowden, we got a Scottish Fold for my daughter once we moved to Qld. I looked at a couple places but settled on Siratsa as it was easy to tell all the kittens and parents are well treated at all stages and they cared where their kittens went. 

Every interaction was friendly and professional. Everything was done with every kittens health and wellbeing in mind. I never had to chase paperwork or question methods, they were open and honest about the whole process. 

We now are the proud family of Dobby, a good natured, healthy, playful and healthy Fold

The care shown after for all their kittens is second to none. We know we can ask anything, any time, even just showing off that cute pic from home

I couldnt recommend Matt and Jayce or Siratsa highly enough." MEL SOWDEN


"My journey to my first purebred cat led me to a stud in Queensland called Sirasta cat's.

I wanted a BSH or SSH and he had to be blue. 

I searched through their photo's admiring every kitten and made my approach to Jayce and Matt Haskins enquiring how i could purchase from them or join their waiting list. From my very first enquiry it was obvious that not everyone would be lucky enough to own one of their kittens, they asked about the home i could provide and what other animals i currently had, all to make sure their kittens are placed in great homes. I was sent photos and purchased my first Sirasta baby, Sirasta Memphis. Having never bought an animal from interstate, this was a new experience for me. Memphis arrived and was purring his little head off as he was handed to me after a big trip and i couldn't believe how brave he was, an obvious testament to all the work his breeders put in to him before his big trip. 

I have since purchased another 3 Sirasta cat's and with the guidance of Jayce and Matt will endeavour to breed my own kittens in 2023. 

All Sirasta kittens have arrived in perfect condition, litter trained like little experts and so well socialized it's amazed me. I couldn't recommend this stud any higher they are paving the way for Scottish folds in Australia breeding sound healthy cat's. They obviously raise their kittens with love and it shows in their new homes." KERRIE POWELL


I don't personally have one of your beautiful cats, however I know someone who has. From everything I have seen with their experience and what I have seen on your page you guys do an amazing job breeding the most gorgeous, healthy and beautiful natured cats. You are extremely professional and put the care of your animals at the forefront, which for me is the most important thing. Keep up the great work you do in breeding your gorgeous fur babies.



"Hi! My name is Moya and we have have the pleasure of owning a Siratsa kitten. He is just so precious and has the most loving personality. He settled in so well which is testimony to the breeders for the way he has been raised. The paperwork we received was so professional and helped us no end to know that our kitten had been raised in a loving environment. Thank you so much Matt and Jayce and we thank you for all your care and attention before and after we received our Siratsa kitten. You are true professionals!" MOYA OWEN


We are a family of 4 with a dog and contacted Matt and Jayce about a kitten and how the process worked almost 2 years ago.  

They were very informative, polite and considerate throught. We did not have any issues dealing with these guys or with their preferred client requirements - they are not hard to meet.

Their after care was helpful for us and gave a few insights into what to do as well. We now an almost 2 year old kitty who is delightful, adorable, cute and mostly tolerant of us - she is a cat after all and has a mind of her own, like all pets their personalities are their own.

The paperwork was spot on, her little fixing op was done well by their prefered vets so when she came to us all we had to do was make her feel welcome. Our vets think she is well formed and a sweet little lady.

These two guys are a delight to communicate with and have a wealth of knowledge.

Best of luck to them and many, many more years of breeding their stunning pets for us."



Hi, I’m Andrea Davis. A proud Siratsa family member and a slave to a Siratsa baby.

After many months of researching and following a number of Scottish fold breeders in Australia. I came to the conclusion Siratsa was the most ethical, professional breeder I could find.

Jayce and Matt are breeding Scottish fold to the standard and are improving the breed with selective evidence based breeding. 

Their cats are not bred by hit and miss, there is a science to the selection of

Queen and Stud pairing. 

Before I was allowed to purchase a kitten, I was screened….. it wasn’t “I want a kitten” “here you go, a kitten for you”. 

Aftercare from Matt and Jayce has been faultless. Every minimal and sometimes obviously stupid question, has been answered promptly and politely. They openly and willing shared their knowledge. 

Jayce and Matt have supported and guided me through the showing process, forewarning me of possible biases for the breed. 

I cannot recommend Siratsa high enough. Anybody considering buying a Scottish kitten should do their own research into breeders and I guarantee, you will come back to Siratsa.

Jayce and Matt I cannot thank you enough. You are two of the nicest men I have ever met. You are the real deal, genuine, honest and raw.

The cat world needs you." ANDREA DAVIS


"My name is Sally Symons and my husband and I had the privilege of purchasing a Siratsa kitten just over 4 years ago.  From the first moment of contact with Jayce and Matt we found them to be incredibly easy to deal with, full of integrity, totally ethical, knowledgeable and very honest.  Of course, we had to answer a couple of screening questions, which is totally understandable and I don’t think we would have continued with the purchase if they hadn’t.  It shows that they have the best interests for the animal.

The whole process of our kitten getting delivered was seemless - flights were organised by Jayce and Matt,  paperwork, medical records intact and our beautiful kitten arrived in a large cat cage with water, toys and some bedding. He’d obviously been washed before his departure and smelt amazing…!

Our kitten was a delight from the first moment - clearly well looked after, socialised, litter trained, full of energy and with a beautiful healthy coat.  He has developed into the most amazing and friendly cat with the funniest personality.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jayce and Matt as the best breeders of Scottish and British cats and for their wonderful and ongoing support." SALLY SYMONS


"Hi. My name is Hayley Page. I decided upon Siratsa cats in 2020 after doing extensive research on Scottish Fold breeders. Siratsa go the extra mile to ensure genetically sound, well rounded happy and healthy kittens and cats. I now have two Siratsa cats and both are exceptional examples of the breed. My interactions with Matt and Jayce have always been straight forward and pleasant. The kittens both arrived happy and healthy and with all required paperwork. I would have no hesitation in recommending Siratsa Cats to others, and in fact have done so." Regards, HAYLEY PAGE


Hi - my name is Helen Gabriel. We came across Siratsa Cats while trying to find a breeder of Scottish and British shorthair breeds. We followed them on social media for quite a while before we decided to contact them about adopting a kitten. From the first contact Jayce and Matt were cordial and professional. They responded efficiently and were very courteous in all of our interactions. We now have a 9 month old male Scottish Shorthair who is mischievous but full of character and healthy. He is the most playful kitten that we have ever seen. He loves being around us, and he will answer us back every time we say something to him. He is super intelligent and cute. All of our interactions with Jayce and Matt both before and after purchase have been excellent. They are happy to help you in any way and offer their professional advice. The world needs more ethical breeders like Jayce and Matt to make it a better place. We have no hesitation in recommending them and would purchase from them again.

Kind regards HELEN and LESTER GABRIEL 


"My name is Trevor Hoole my wife Tania and I had just lost our British Shorthair cat Leroy to Cat Cancer and due to COVID our breeder was no longer sending cats by Air Freight. We were members of a BSH site so we contacted quite a few fellow members for recommendations for a registered BSH breeder. After several recommendations we finally decided to contact Siratsa Cats for the purchase of a Siratsa Cat to join our family. We found Jayce-and Matt Haskins from Siratsa Cats to be very professional and honest in all our dealings with them and their company. We were that impressed with Matt and Jayce's dedication to their Cats and their clients that after receiving Siratsa Bentley Hoole we asked to be placed on a waiting list for a second cat. We are now the proud owners of Siratsa Bentley and Spencer Hoole and have recommended Siratsa cats to several friends on our BSH site as being second to none for their advice and after sales service which is of the highest quality available." TREVOR HOOLE


I want to thank Jayce and Matt for their incredible gift to us, our lovely kitten Chili. They are trustworthy and passionate people who care about their Siratsa cats and costumers unconditionally. BARDIA CHILI 


I recently adopted a kitten from Siratsa Cats. The airport pick up was very quick and easy and our little boy arrived content and purring away. I knew the type of kitten I wanted; I had in mind a charismatic member of the family and I have not been disappointed. Our fur baby has the most chilled out temperament and is the perfect fit for us. Throughout the whole process Jayce and Matt provided me with videos and information and were always happy to answer questions. I am so glad that I found Siratsa!
CANDICE & GLENN - Gold Coast Queensland 


My experience with Siratsa cat was fantastic. I was worried at first (because of the location and fact that I can't meet them eye to eye), but I was able to choose Siratsa because they had such a quick and friendly response. Also they kept me well informed about details and the progress!! I can assure that everyone else will love to consult with Siratsa cattery.YERIM - Melbourne


You have both been an absolute pleasure to speak with throughout the entire process of getting little Biscuit, and have been equally as wonderful after the fact with any and all questions we have had.It is obvious how much you care for your little ones, it shows in just how affectionate and loving Biscuit is. Thank you both so much for everything! We're so in love with Biscuit already, he and yourselves are incredible 😊 😍❤️ Xx KATIE & DAMIEN - Darwin 


When my family decided to adopt a furrever baby (after many many months of, can we get a cat mum, can we get a cat mum?!) I spent a lot of hours online trying to find the perfect breed and the perfect breeders. Immediately Siratsa Cats stood out to me. Jayce and Matt were always quick to reply, honest and extremely helpful. The pride they take in their job shines through in their online postings, and I found their enthusiasm to be a stand out attribute. Before our kitten was ready to join us, they sent us regular pictures and updates of our kitten which i was really pleased about. Even now at 4 weeks post kitten pick up, they offer their support and curiosity in how our kitten is settling into our family - that to me shows true integrity as a business and as fellow cat lovers. I know without a doubt that we will be needing a second furbaby from Siratsa Cats in the not too distant future! 

PHEOBE TILDEN & FAMILY : Atlas  (Nimbin New South Wales)


'We recently purchased a male lilac Burmese (Percival) through Siratsa and we have been beyond impressed with the whole process. From first contact Jayce was accommodating, prompt and attentive and the set up was immaculate and very professional. Jayce did not hesitate to show us the 'cat's quarters' and all of the cats we were very happy and social. Jason clearly loves and cares about all of his cats and has their best interests at hearts. Our Percy has an affectionate yet cheeky personality and he is always putting a smile on our face. He is unbelievably tolerant of our young children and allows our daughter to carry him around like a baby. Jayce has been supportive even after the purchase and we would not hesitate to buy from him again.' Sheree & Family - Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland


'We recently purchased a Burmese kitten from JAyce and Matt, we named him Finnigan, the professional way the boys handled the adoption was wonderful and Finnigan has the nicest nature he was well handled beforehand and settled in to our family exceptionally well.  We had no trouble he was toilet trained and feeding him was no problem either he has brought our family great joy and we would like to express our thanks to Jayce and Matt, for breeding such a wonderful kitten, I would not hesitate to purchase another kitten from Siratsa, when we decide the time is right.  Erica McShane - Ormeau, Queensland


"I've owned many cats in my life including 4 other burmese but I have to say thank you Jayce and Matt, which doesnt seem enough for this amazing boy we got from you 5 yrs ago. I dont know how to put into words what a pleasure it is to have him in our lives. I dont know what it is that you do to your cats to make them into these loving, devoted human-like pets but whatever it is please don't ever stop because kitten buyers Australia wide would be losing out that's for sure." Matthew and Family - Brisbane, Queensland


If somebody asked me where to find a top quality Burmese from a top quality breeder, I would not hesitate a minute to recommend Siratsa Cats! I’d like to commend Jayce and Matt for their friendly professionalism and dedication to their Cats. As a breeder myself, it is a joy to find people who have as much genuine love and care for their cats as I do. I am over the moon with Prince. He is such a Darling little boy. He purred all the way home in the car and integrated into his new home from the first night. His temperament is to die for and I spoil him every day (can't help it) :)

If ever you require a reference for your Cattery I would be very happy to oblige.

Customer satisfaction indeed!  Kerry Royle - BeauPoppeta Burmese - Gold Coast, Queensland


We have a little Tonkinese kitten, and we wanted to adopt another kitten.  A friend for our tonk, and another kitten so fill our hearts.  We started visiting various breeders, but wasn’t really happy with the condition of some of the kittens.  From the moment I started corresponding with Siratsa, I knew this is where we would find our new “baby”.  Jayce and Matt, thank you for our beautiful little girl, she is just gorgeous, with her beautiful eyes and her loving personality.  She is really a sweet little girl, and she walked right into our hearts and home, and settled into our home within 3 days.  She is just lovely.  You were very helpful from the start, welcomed us into your home and even allowed us to visit Misty until she was old enough to come to her new home.  The kittens starter pack was a great help, and the file with our kitten’s information, was something we’ve never seen at any breeder before.  It makes the whole process of adopting a new kittens so much more professional and personal.  Seeing her birth weight and how she gained weight the first few days, gave us a good idea of how small she was, and how much she has grown.  She is adorable, not afraid of strangers and she makes us laugh when she runs around and are doing what kittens usually do.  We couldn’t have asked for more!  Thanks Jayce and Matt! Anilo - North Lakes, Queensland


Siratsa has provided us with unconditional support right from the first email of interest. They provided us with practical and relevant advice at all times and made sure that any questions were answered quickly, honestly and thoroughly. Our beautiful Burmese, has a excellent temperament and is loving and affectionate at all times. The Sirasta team provided us with a healthy, beautiful, flee-free and vaccinated kitten and a very helpful starter pack!

I would recommend this breeder to anybody interested in buying a kitten. Claire and Matt - Toowong, Queensland

We have so many more testimonials sent to us every week from previous kitten buyers. You can see them as updates we post to our Public Facebook page SIRATSA.