Our world is not shaped and improved by those who think similarly, but by people who dare to think differently and are prepared to break new ground with educated thought and research to challenge preconceived ideas. 

We are proud to be breeders who do things a little different to most.

This is a topic that causes much heated debate between breeders and many will tell you very different stories about it. Usually the most vocal are the breeders that don’t test and are like the ostrich that buries his head in the sand. Sure ‘most' wont willingly sell you a genetically defective kitten or one with a disease. You will hear from many breeders ‘my cats are fine, I have no need to test, I’ve been breeding for over 20 years and never had a problem!’. That’s a very big claim, when dealing with any living animal there are ALWAYS going to be problems (just like there is with people) - that’s a fact, it’s how one deals with those problems is what makes a breeder a ‘good breeder’.  

With current science and technology it makes our blood boil to think some people just ignore the problems associated with specific breeds and the problems associated with running a breeding program, especially when so much can be done to prevent genetic disorders, disease and hereditary problems.

As far as we're concerned as long as the science is available to minimise, prevent and eventually irradicate disease and genetic conditions from specific cat breeds then thats what we will always strive to do.

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