We would like to make it very clear we have a Zero Tolerance Policy at Siratsa for violence, threats, hate, lies, dishonesty, extortion, cruelty, discrimination, bullying, blackmail or abuse in any form, in the workplace.

As our company has a social media presence we consider all those platforms as well as our physical work space as our workplace.
If we deem anyone has done such things you will be immediate removed from this group and all other media platforms, banned and reported.  If you are on our waiting list at the time you will immediately be deemed by our company as an unsuitable home for any of our furkids. It will make no difference if your furkid has been allocated or not, you're dealings with us will be terminated and your file will be sent to our lawyers.
We will not compromise on the homes where our furkids got to. It is our decision and we take our duty of care very seriously.

If that offends you, choose another company.


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