Our stunning Lilac and Tan girl 'Hermes Hoover'. (hoping is pregnant) scans on 6th April 2022!

Our stunning Foundation girl, Lilac and Tan girl 'Hermes Hoover'.




The History of the French Bulldog breed

While you may assume the French Bulldog originated in France, this is actually not the case. The Frenchie was first created in the 18th century in England by breeding English Bulldogs with smaller pups, as locals in the area were looking for a lapdog version of the original Bulldog. These smaller Bulldogs soon become much loved members of the family, which is why many English workers took their dogs with them when they fled to France for more work opportunities. During the mid 19th Century they appeared in Paris, and then apparently the result of cross-breeding of Toy Bulldogs imported from England and local Parisian ratters.

Once the tiny Bulldogs arrived in France, dog lovers in the area fell in love with the compact Bulldog. This led to them being heavily bred for quite some time, eventually leading to the French Bulldog breed we know and love today. Though this adorable pup has been around for quite some time, their lovable personality has not changed. While their large ears and scrunched faces are the driving force in their popularity, their unique personality is what sets them part from other canine friends.

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