You may or may not buy a kitten from us, but please we urge you to do your research  into the breed you are interested in and then research to find a breeder that you personally feel most comfortable with. Things may not always be as they seem! We hear horror stories every single week from people who have been wronged by other Registered Breeders....not all are the same. We have replaced many kittens for people who have purchased from inferior breeders over the last 2 decades. Its sadly still happening today!

We have priced our kittens at what we believe is a reasonable cost considering exactly what we put in to achieve the quality of kittens we produce. We are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. Why would anyone decide to buy a lesser kitten from a pet store for up to twice as much?????  Sure, there are cheaper kittens available and sure there are more expensive kittens available but at Siratsa we believe we offer our clients value for money and above anything else peace of mind. All our clients testimonials and updates on our social media and our Happy Siratsa Family Members Page is testament to that.

We will also always offer support and advise if required long after your furbaby has left our care. You can rest assured if there any unforeseen problems, our Siratsa Family Members know we will do whatever is humanly possible to ensure a good outcome for everyone involved. Many breeders make that claim however very few back it up with actions, particularly when there may be a problem.

Some of our costs that are involved in producing sound, quality kittens for you:

Registration of our Registered prefix with Registered Body & associated advertising costs.

Annual Registration Fees with Registered Body, Local Council.

Networking costs via phone contact, in person, email with other breeders across Australia & Overseas to research pedigree lines, genetic faults, disease, testing and vaccinations, and questionable conduct of some breeders.

Reference books, subscriptions to magazines and animal medical newsletters.

All fees associated with individual cat, kitten and litter registrations, pedigrees and transfers.

Computer and internet service, anti-virus software, breeding/pedigree software, medical record keeping software, photo webpage construction programs, web hosting fees.

Camera and mobile phone.

Phone contact and photos to clients regarding their specific kitten and circumstances.

Promotion of the breeds we have in our programs.  

Shows fees, curtains, programs, transport, carry cages, show cages, accommodation, airfares.

Food for our animals with a quality balanced professional diet of dry and wet food.

Veterinary health screening, testing and examination of all animals.

Worming of all animals

Internal and external parasite treatments for all animals

All of our breeding animals annually vaccinated.

All furkids are age appropriately vaccinated whilst in our care.

Having all furbabies microchipped for identification purposes and lifetime subscription.

Desexing all furbabies not part of our breeding program.

State of the art veterinary support 24 hours a day with in-house laboratory and hospital facilities.

Not breeding with animals that are purchased and later proven to have genetic or medical conditions

Additional fees to provide I.V. fluids both during and after desexing the proceedure with post-operative pain relief to ensure less trauma for the furbabies.

Desexing, vet expenses rehoming costs for retired breeding furkids

Airline Approved transportation carriers.

Time, tolls and fuel to travel to airports and meeting potential buyers

Advertising fees associated with available furbabies.

Enclosure, birthing enclosures, play equipment, beds, scratching posts, suitable nonporous flooring, food bowls, veterinary grade disinfectant & cleaners, litter trays, disposal bags, waste disposal fees, environmentally cat friendly litter, puppy pads etc etc

Separate Stud enclosures for our working studs.

Quarantine enclosures for furkids returning from show, and new breeding animals to be added to our breeding program.

Purchasing new breeding furkids including registration transfers, testing and freight.

Furbaby birthing and rearing equipment, heating pads, incubators, whelping boxes, towels, formula, syringes, tubing and bedding.

Emergency C - Section when required for birthing girls.

Production of furbaby information.

General stationery supplies, business cards, invoicing software, accounting fees, ato obligations.

And most of all that is priceless - the time, energy and love we put into everyone of our furkids.


• Happy, well socialised and family raised kittens

• Health & Genetic Guarantee

• Vet checked

• Age appropriately Wormed

• Age appropriately Vaccinated F3 or F4 or F5 at our discresion *Ask us about this as there is  nationwide shortage of feline vacines in the first half of 2024.

• Microchipped

• Desexing

• Toilet trained cats | puppies have started crate training

• Flea treated

...and come with:

• Siratsa Care & Information package

• 4 Generation Registered Pedigree

• Lifetime support and advice

Pet Prices below are not negotiable so please don't ask. These are standard prices unless advertisied elsewhere.

PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE IN MOST CASES where you can make regular payments before your furbaby is ready to come to you.

KITTEN PRICES (including GST) Pet prices for Australian purchasers are as follows:

Scottish Folds and Highland Folds A$2970

British Shorthair A$2650

Scottish Shorthairs & Highlands (Straight Ears) A$2200 

(Odd eyed kittens are an additional A$770 for all breeds.) 

If you are an OVERSEAS BUYERS please ask for kitten pricing, export and freight costs for your specific country.


SIRATSA SAVOIE - Lilac and Tan proven stud  | Natural matings, chilled or fresh AVAILABLE

(Service fee $2200)


We can arrange air and road transport for your furbaby at discount rates:

We currently live in the South Burnett Region in Queensland, approx 200km West of Noosa, we can usually air freight Australia wide and internationally at discount rates. However, during the Covid-19 Pandemic flights are too unreliable so we won't risk our kittens doing stranded at airports with last minute flight cancellations. This however is starting to change now and we will be looking at air travel whenever possible.

We also offer a personal car delivery service to a meeting place in Gympie or Dalby for $245 (incl GST), Brisbane for $285 and sometimes to Toowoomba for $325 (incl GST) for anyone who wishes to meet us there rather than travel to us.

You can also collect your furbaby from Kingaroy or Proston for $55 (incl GST). 


Both are a safe and reliable transport methods that we have been using now for many years prior to the covid 19 pandemic as well as during the height of the pandemic and now as we make our way into the new normal.  Interstate prices starts at $385 (incl GST).

(Road freight options are available to most cities and towns on the east coast of Australia, air travel is available Australia-wide and Internationally).


We can arrange quarantine protocols, medical requirements and air transport for your kitten if you are an international buyer as long as Australian legislation allows export to your country. Costs vary dramatically depending on the requirements of the destination country. (Actual costs will be quoted on an individual basis)


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